Next improvements version 4.30 and 4.31

We are going to divide the next version into two releases (version 4.30 and 4.31) to advance some small improvements that can be implemented now. For the next version 4.30: From now on you can choose whether to include the customer data in the ticket format. Existing units in inventory are included in the products box. The benefits report is changed to also show the estimated benefits of unpaid invoices. NIF is included in the export excel of reports. And for version 4.31 waybills will be able to use. And you will be able to create an invoice from several waybills.

Upcoming improvements in Control of invoices

These are the upcoming improvements that will be implemented in the next two versions: Now you can filter by date in reports. Improve unpaid report including the amount paid, not only the unpaid. Proof of payment: Now, when a partial payment is made ​​or the invoice is marked as paid, the app can add (optionally) ,a proof of payment in the generated pdf. Now you be able to generate invoices by copying from other invoices. Tickets without tax: ticket format without tax included. Add information of payment in the list of invoices. waybill: Soon you will be able to create waybills and create invoices from several waybills. We still need your help to continue with the following improvements. You can help with money contributions, or helping us promoting the application by sharing it with other people, or by rating the app in google play Store.



Expenses Control Sync can be used optionally with or without synchronization. If this option is not activated, the data only remain on your own device.

If enable synchronization, data is stored on our server SSL with encrypted communications, so that they can be recovered from any of your devices that you sign in with your username and your password.

User registration can be done with a name, an invented user nickname , or you can use the credentials of Facebook or Google +.

If at any time you want to delete all your stored data on the server, you can delete them from the synchronization screen.

Expenses Control Sync, do not use the user information at all, just stores the data to synchronize multiple devices of the same user.

Protection of personal data :

«Expenses Control Sync» undertakes to comply with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data contained in the Organic Law 15/1999 , and other rules that complement and develop.

Therefore, the personal data supplied by the user will be automatically processed and incorporated by Ricardo Soto García files ownership registered in the Agency for Data Protection , on which the security measures required will take the existing legislation to ensure confidentiality.

The personal data shall be used exclusively for the purpose stated in the preceding lines .

«Expenses Control Sync» and his responsible persons, do not share the personal data with third parties, treating them with appropriate confidentiality.

At all times the user can exercise their rights of access, opposition , rectification and cancellation in accordance with the provisions of Law Protection of Personal Data by sending an email to

Synchronize mobile and tablet manually.

Currently synchronizing the «Invoices Control» database with server to use the same data to multiple devices is not available . However, you can manually synchronize mobile and tablet relatively easily . When activated dropbox, is synchronized the pdfs, the spreadsheets, and also the backup made, with your dropbox account. This means that if you want to use with the same data on different devices, the only option is to use dropbox sync with both devices, and perform backups after you register your invoices . Thus, the backup will be upload to Dropbox and you will be able to open the dropbox app on the other device in order to copy the database file. Within dropbox, you’ll see the Applications/Control invoices/backup folder. Inside you can see database file named «DBfacturacion» and the user preferences files.  If you press and hold in DBFacturacion file, you can see the following screen where you can export … Siga Leyendo

Do you want to know how you can help us in this project which aim is to create free apps in order to help to manage little companies or to manage the freelance businesses?

Perform android applications that you use carries a cost that we are paying with advertising and paid versions of our apps. However, it is not necessary to purchase the paid version to help, you can help us in many ways: Giving us your 5 star with a comment about what do you think of our apps so others can read it on the market from which you downloaded the apps. Recommending to my friends and acquaintances . Control de facturas. Control de Gastos. Tablón de anuncios. Meet to Go. Help us with the translations for our apps. Help to create an online and a pdf manual for users of our apps. By the moment we only havea spanish manual of «expenses control» and we have a translation of that manual to english but without images, so we need that someone make screenshoots of the app screens and place them in … Siga Leyendo