Synchronize mobile and tablet manually.

Currently synchronizing the «Invoices Control» database with server to use the same data to multiple devices is not available .

However, you can manually synchronize mobile and tablet relatively easily .

When activated dropbox, is synchronized the pdfs, the spreadsheets, and also the backup made, with your dropbox account. This means that if you want to use with the same data on different devices, the only option is to use dropbox sync with both devices, and perform backups after you register your invoices .

Thus, the backup will be upload to Dropbox and you will be able to open the dropbox app on the other device in order to copy the database file.

Within dropbox, you’ll see the Applications/Control

invoices/backup folder. Inside you can see database file named «DBfacturacion» and the user preferences files.  If you press and hold in DBFacturacion file, you can see the following screen where you can export the file to your phone. If you export and copy to the ControlFacturas/backup folder in the new device, overwriting the existing files, then you have the backup copy that you had done in the other device in the current device. If you open the app and perform click on restore , the backup data will be restored. It is a manual way to perform backups that can serve for the moment .


Note that this system could cause problems of data rewriting if multiple users use the app at the same time on different devices and both perform the backups in unsynchronized time way, this could cause a duplicated number of invoices, and one of the devices could overwrite of some invoices when is performed the restore.

This system is only advised if you are using the application on your phone and when you get home without anyone being new invoices, want to download the same data on your tablet. If you do not have dropbox account , you can simply create a backup, click on submit backup and send it to the other device, by mail or bluetooth. The backup folder on the other device, have to be overwrited with the backup generated.

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